Portal Basics & Troubleshooting

Having trouble logging into Portal? Need help understanding details about our tickets? Scroll down to get answers now.

Logging Into Portal

To log into our portal, head to www.events365.com, and click on the login button on the the right corner of the screen. You will log in using the email address that you used to register to become a user.

Please head over to portal.events365.com and click on the "Forgot Password?" link and a new email (coming from exchange@ticketevolution.com) will be sent with a new link to reset your password.

Having Trouble creating a password? Please email us at travel@events365.com

To reset your password, go to the login screen for portal. Underneath the fields for username and password, there is a link that says "Forgot Password?" which will prompt you to enter your email address for a link to create a new password.

To add more users to your agency, have them fill out the form here or email us at travel@events365.com.

Please click here and fill out the quick form. Once your form is submitted, our team will review/validate the information, and send you an email once the account has been created. Please expect anywhere to 24-48 hours for your account to be created.

Ready to purchase tickets right away? Please send us an email at travel@events365.com and we can help you with placing an order.


To create a New customer, click on the "Customers" tab, click "Add New Customer", fill out the Customer Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and Address section. You can also enter any relevant notes for any new Customer. Please click "Save Customer" to ensure that the Customer Profile is saved.

Generating a link is a great way to allow your customers to see ticket pricing, choose their own tickets and purchase them on their own, all while you still earn commission. There are two ways you can generate a link.

Creating A Link For A Range Of Events

  1. In order to create an affiliate link for a variety of events, simply use our search tools (Airport Code, Performer, Venue or Date). After you click "Apply", you will see a list of events on the left. If you click on "Generate Link", a URL will appear in the middle of your screen. Simply copy and paste this URL in an email and send it to your client.

Creating A Link For A Specific Event

  1. In order to create an affiliate link for a specific event, complete your search criteria (Airport Code, Performer, Venue or Date). After you click "Apply", you will see a list of events on the left. Click on one of the events and the tickets will appear. At the top of the page, above the section column there will be a blue button labeled "Generate Link". Click on "Generate Link" and copy and paste the URL to send to your client.

Looking for an affiliate link to put on your website? Please email us at travel.events365.com and we can provide it to you.

No, you will not be able to purchase tickets to multiple events in one order. You will need to select and purchase tickets for one event or ticket group at a time.

You can view your orders by clicking the "Orders" tab from within portal. Once you are on the Orders page, you can locate an order by searching by the Order Number, Order Date, or Customer Name that is associated with the order.

To check the status of an order please log in to the portal, here: portal.events365.com. Once logged in, click on the "Orders" tab and then click "All" to see all orders created under your office. All orders will appear and you can click on the order number to check the status, download tickets if they are available, etc.

No, we do not currently offer this feature.

  1. To complete an order, find your event by using the filter criteria in the search tab, selecting your tickets, and click the "Book" button next to the ticket group you like.
  2. The Book button will bring you to the checkout page where you will select how many tickets you would like, review the details of the selected tickets, modify sale price (if needed), and commission (if you select to do so), review shipping costs and total commission.
  3. The next step will then be to add a new customer or retrieve the details of a previous customer. Once your customer is saved, you will need to add payment, if it is not already saved to the client profile.
  4. The last step is the Delivery box where you will be able to review any shipment costs and confirm shipment type. Click "Submit Order" and soon you will receive an order confirmation in your inbox.

Tickets are paid via our portal with a credit card. Unfortunately, we cannot reserve tickets or collect installments for payment of your purchase.


The tickets will generally be available for download within 1 business day after receiving order confirmation. For some events, the tickets may not yet be available or even printed - e.g. before the season starts - these tickets will be uploaded when made available by the venue and in time for the traveler to gain entry to the event. Be sure to check the in-hand date to see when the tickets will be delivered.

When purchasing tickets, please be sure to check in the "in hand" date. If there is a blue "Thumbs up", that means that the tickets are ready to be delivered after the order has been accepted. If there is a red "thumbs up" icon, that means that the tickets are not ready to be delivered at check out. To see the date of delivery, please hover over the icon.

Unfortunately, we are not able to cancel orders. We adhere to industry standards which do not allow us to modify an order once it has been placed.

We do not provide refunds as all of our tickets are final sale.

Tickets come through Ticket Evolution's network of verified and trusted ticket providers who range from venues, artists, teams, managers, and other organizations of this nature. All of our ticket providers go through an interview and screening process, and all tickets include a 100% Buyer Guarantee.

The secondary ticket market is the ticket market that acquires tickets after they have been purchased from the primary ticket market. The secondary market allows access to sold out events, and the opportunity to find a bargain price.

Yes! While we have tickets for nearly every event within the US and Canada, we have tickets for major events overseas, such as Wimbledon, British Grand Prix, Australian Open, European Soccer, and more.

Events 365 offers the travel community access to all kinds of events! From small events to large events, chances are that we have the tickets to any Sports, Concerts, Theater, and Special Events that your clients could ever dream of getting into.

The tickets you see listed in the portal come from many different sources, and each ticket provider handles and displays their tickets slightly differently. If the tickets you purchased are not GA, you will be able to view final seat numbers on the final ticket that gets delivered by the in-hand date. Need specific seats (aisle, handicap, etc.), please feel free to email us at travel@events365.com to help you find what you are looking for.

For most events, we will have parking tickets available for purchase. These can be found under the "Parking Tab" on the top right hand side of the page above the listed available tickets.

Ticket Types

These are your "old school" ticket stubs! Yes, some venues still use these. We generally ship these tickets directly to the address specified at checkout OR if there is not enough time to ship, we will arrange for the tickets to be picked up locally (see local pickup below).

These tickets are delivered electronically but must be printed out on paper before you arrive at the venue. Please print them out as some venues do not allow access to the event even if you show them the copy on your smartphone. There are two types of Print at Home Tickets:

  1. Instant download. This means that as soon as you purchase the tickets, they will be emailed to you in PDF format within 30 minutes.
  2. E-tickets. This means that the PDF tickets will be emailed to you by the “In hand date”. What’s an in hand date, you ask? Some venues and performers choose to release their tickets on a certain date. That date is called the “in hand date”. As soon as we have the ticket files, we will email them to you promptly.

This is a new type of ticket generated by Ticketmaster. They are the newest and safest ticket standard in the industry. These tickets must be displayed on a mobile device in order to gain entry to an event. No paper waste here! We can deliver these tickets to you in one of 3 ways:

  1. Mobile QR - We will email you a PDF containing the QR code for the ticket. You’ll have to display this code on your mobile phone to gain access to the event. Don’t print this on paper.
  2. TM Mobile Transfer - We will transfer the tickets to you via the Ticketmaster Web or Mobile App. During the checkout process we’ll ask for your email address. By your in hand date, you will receive a "Transfer Offer" email from Ticketmaster. This means that you’ll have to either connect to the Ticketmaster website or download the Ticketmaster Mobile application and create an account in order to accept the ticket offer. Don’t print the tickets on paper once you accept them. They are stored in your Ticketmaster account. When you get to the event simply show the tickets on your mobile device by either logging into your Ticketmaster account via a web browser or accessing the Ticketmaster app if you’ve downloaded it.
  3. TM Mobile Link - Similar to the way TM Mobile Transfer works, you’ll accept ticket offers into your account. You will receive an email from our company with a Ticketmaster link to your tickets. Once you click the link, you will be asked to create or log into your Ticketmaster account in order to claim your tickets. You will follow the same steps as for TM Mobile transfers to access your tickets the day of the event. Remember, don’t print them out on paper.

This is a new type of ticket started by Flash Seats. Just like the Ticketmaster technology, this format is the newest and safest ticket standard in the industry. These tickets must be displayed on a mobile device in order to gain entry to an event. No paper waste here! We can deliver these tickets to you via Flash Transfer!

  1. Flash Transfer - We will transfer the tickets to you via the Flash Seats App. During the checkout process we’ll ask for your email address. By your in hand date, you will receive a “Transfer Offer” email from Flash Seats. This means that in order to accept the ticket offer you will have to either connect to the Flash Seats website or download the Flash Seats Mobile application and create an account. Don’t print the tickets on paper once you accept them. They are stored in your Flash Seats account. When you get to the event simply show the tickets on your mobile device by either logging into your Flash Seats account via a web browser or accessing the Flash Seats app if you’ve downloaded it.

This type of ticket is stored on a card (similar to a credit card but one that only stores tickets, not money). Swiping this card in line at the venue either gives you automatic access, or a stub to be presented at a secondary entrance to the venue. This card can be accessed in a few ways:

  1. If there is enough time before the event, we will ship this card to you via shipping services available.
  2. If there is not enough time to ship this card to you, we will arrange a local pick-up at or near the venue (see local pickup info below)

When there is not enough time to ship the tickets to you, or when the tickets are only available for pickup, we will arrange a pickup at or near the venue, on the day of the event. Depending on the type of event, you will pick up either wristbands (standard for music festivals), tickets stored on cards, or paper tickets. So how does it work?

  1. Local pickup: You will provide us with the name and contact number of the person picking up the tickets, and we will provide you with instructions for where and who to meet to collect the tickets on the day of the event. The person picking up the tickets will likely be asked for identification to ensure the tickets get safely to the the right people. Be sure that the person picking up the tickets is the person you gave us the name and contact phone number for so photo ID can be verified.
  2. Walk In: This works the same as Local Pickup, except that the broker that sold the tickets must be present to show their ID at the venue and escort you into the event, since they are the primary purchaser. We call this type of local pickup method a “Walk In” as you are actually being walked in by our suppliers.

The tickets will be held at the venue’s official Will Call pickup window. The person picking up the tickets must provide photo ID to confirm that they are the person whose name was provided when the order was placed. We may contact you to verify the name for Will Call.

Customers placed on a guest list will not actually receive any tickets, so these are not tickets per se. You will receive instructions on where you can obtain guest list access for your event, typically at one of the entrances to the venue. Ensure that the contact information/name you provided at checkout matches that of the person trying to gain access. If a different person than the person that placed the order is attending, please contact us and we will update that information on your behalf.

Commissions & Pricing

There are two places you can see your commissions: at checkout when you are placing an order and also in the "Orders Tab". Once you click the "Book" button on the desired tickets, you will be taken to the checkout page. Your commission is automatically calculated and displayed in the commission box at the bottom left of the page. Once an order is placed, you can head over to the "Orders" tab, then click "All" orders and you will see the commission listed for each order placed.

Based on your agreed percentage with Events 365, your commission will be calculated from the subtotal amount on the "Create Order Page". Commissions will be paid out monthly either by ACH transfer or physical check sent to the agency (host agency, if applicable) and address provided at registration.

If you have any questions about commission and payments, please email us at travel@events365.com.

Events 365 offers a standard commission of 6.5%, and 7.5% for preferred users who are partnered with Signature Travel Network, CCRA, TravelSavers, Nest, and/or Carlson Wagonlit.

No, your clients will never see your commission. If you choose to add a service fee, your clients will be able to see this. Please note that your client will only be charged on their credit card once, which is inclusive of all shipping and service fees.

The pricing of our tickets is designed to provide your clients with competitively priced tickets. Because of this, we are not able to further discount our ticket for travel agents. We do offer group rates on a group by group basis and terms may vary. Please call to inquire further.

Our tickets are listed in USD. We do not currently offer the ability to view prices in other currencies.

Electronic and mobile tickets will be emailed to the booking agent or end client. There is a handling fee for all back-end processing of $7 for e-ticket format and $5 for mobile ticket format. Physical tickets must be mailed, and will incur a shipping fee, which will vary depending on whether the destination address is in the US or overseas, and whether the buyer chooses to use our preferred shipping partner or their own shipping partner.
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