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In order to search for tickets, simply log into the Events 365 Booking Portal and navigate to the search box on the left. Rather than use the "quick search" box, we recommend filtering down by criteria options for Location, Category, Performer (team, artist, perforance title), Venue, and/or dates. Click the "Apply" button, and results will load below. Know exactly which event you want tickets for? Simply enter the name into the "Performer" box and click "Apply."

Once you have found the event of your choosing, click on it so that complete ticket details load to the right-hand side of the screen. From here, you can use the seat map to choose which section you want to browse within. You can use more detailed criteria in the columns, or "Filter Options" on the righ: these allow you to sort and scan by quantity of tickets available together, section, purchase price, and ticket type (electronic versus physical). The filter options (which you must expand on the right hand side of the screen) allow you to only view tickets that match your required quantity, zone, price-range, and/or format.

In order to create an affiliate link, you can do one of two things. You can create an affiliate link for a variety of events or for one specific event. In order to create an affiliate link for a variety of events, simply perform a search and click apply. Once the results load below, you will see a blue "Generate Link" button appear below. If you click on Generate Link, a URL will appear in the middle of your screen; cand paste this URL into an email, social media post, or text message to share with your client. If you want to share a link for one specific event, click on one of the events from your results list, and click on the blue "Generate Link" button from the right hand side of the screen with all of the event details. When your clients purchase tickets, you as a travel consultant will still receive commission on the order!

Ticket Formats are explained here.

The remaining icons are explained below:

  1. Notes: Hover your cursor over the gray circle to reveal unique ticket notes in a text bubble. Notes can include anything from obstructed view, to hospitality inclusions.
  2. A blue circle with a thumbs up indicates that you will receive the tickets immediately.
  3. A red thumbs down means that there will be a certain date after which the tickets have been purchased that the tickets will be made available to you.

Electronic tickets will be emailed to the booking agent or end client. These ticket formats incur a $7 handling fee for all back-end processing. Phycial tickets must be mailed, and will incur a shipping fee, which will vary depending on whether the destination address is in the US or overseas, and whether the buyer chooses to use our preferred shipping partner or their own shipping partner.

Tickets come through Ticket Evolution's network of verified and trusted ticket providers who range from venue partners to indivuals with direct ties to performers.

Events 365 offers tickets to many international events ranging from annual sporting events, world tours, European soccer, and more!

Should the event require physical tickets, your clients will have a few options for when and how to obtain them.

  1. If the tickets are available to be mailed immediately, the tickets can be shipped to your agency or your client's house.
  2. If the tickets are available to be mailed closer to the date of the event and your clients will already be travelling, they can have the tickets mailed to the address of their accommodation (hotel, airbnb, etc.).
  3. Local pickup is sometimes REQUIRED (as with FIFA World Cup), but can also be arranged for, should a client not want to have the tickets mailed to a hotel or residence.

Based on your agreed percentage with Events 365, your commission will be calculated from the subtotal amount on the “Create Order Page”. Commissions will be paid out monthly either by ACH transfer or physical check sent to the agency and address on file.

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