MLB League Championship Series 2018

Posted by Vanessa Lotz | October 11, 2018 | Sports

The MLB League Championship Series is here!

From the ALCS, we have the Boston Red Sox facing the winner of last year’s World Series, the Houston Astros. Both teams put up impressive numbers in the regular season, with the Astros clocking in at 103 wins, and the Red Sox capturing a total of 108 wins; which is the second highest number of wins since the Mariners won 116 in 2001. During the regular season, Houston beat Boston the four times they met at home but lost the three times they met in Boston. Since the Red Sox have a better record, they will host Game 7, should the series come to it. So get ready for an electric series between these two power teams in the battle for ALDS champion!

The only #postseason series ever with more regular-season wins than the 211 the Red Sox (108) and Astros (103) combine for?

The 1998 World Series (#Yankees vs #Padres -212).

— MLB Stat of the Day (@MLBStatoftheDay) October 10, 2018


In the NLCS, the Los Angeles Dodgers claimed their spot in the Championship Series after eliminating the Atlanta Braves in a clean 4 games. Facing them for Champ of the NLCS is the Milwaukee Brewers, who have won 11 games in a row leading up to the League Series. The Brewers are an undeniably good team with strong players like Joakim Soria, Corey Knebel, Josh Hader, Jeremy Jeffress, and Christian Yelich. The competition between these two teams will surely be tough, but the Dodger’s may be at a slight advantage. For starters, their starting pitchers, Clayton Kershaw, Hyun-Jin Ryu, and Walker Buehler put all of the Brewers’ pitchers to shame. The Dodgers also have the power that never gives up, so much so that their team has hit more home runs than any other Dodger team before. Top that with a team comprised of a strong mix of newcomers and veterans, including the fastest first baseman in baseball, Cody Bellinger, and we have a very high likelihood of seeing a rematch of last year’s World Series that took the Astros to a Game 7 win against the Dodgers.

The most exciting games of MLB begin on Friday. Don’t let your clients miss the chance to cheer their team on the way to the World Series!

Friday, October 12

Game 1 (NLCS) Dodgers @ Brewers 8:09 pm

Saturday, October 13

Game 2 (NLCS) Dodgers @ Brewers 4:09 pm
Game 1 (ALCS) Astros @ Red Sox 8:09 pm

Sunday, October 14

Game 2 (ALCS) Astros @ Red Sox 7:09 pm

Monday, October 15

Game 3 (NLCS) Brewers @ Dodgers 7:39 pm

Tuesday, October 16

Game 3 (ALCS) Red Sox @ Astros 5:09 pm
Game 4 (NLCS) Brewers @ Dodgers 9:09 pm

Wednesday, October 17

Game 5 (NLCS) Brewers @ Dodgers 5:05 pm
Game 4 (ALCS) Red Sox @ Astros 8:39 pm

Thursday, October 18

Game 5 (ALCS) Red Sox @ Astros 8:09 pm

Friday, October 19

Game 6 (NLCS) Dodgers @ Brewers 8:39 pm

Saturday, October 20

Game 6 (ALCS) Astros @ Red Sox 5:09 pm
Game 7 (NLCS) Dodgers @ Brewers 9:09 pm

Sunday, October 21

Game 7 (ALCS) Astros @ Red Sox 7:39 pm

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