Packers-Bears: the NFL Football Kickoff Game is TONIGHT!

Posted by Vanessa Lotz | September 5, 2019 | Sports

The NFL’s 100th season begins TONIGHT, and football fans are eagerly pulling out their lucky jerseys to cheer on their teams as they take to the field for the start of yet another exciting season. To get things started on a high note and to commemorate 100 years, one of the fiercest and oldest rivalries will meet in The Windy City, as the Chicago Bears host the Green Bay Packers at 8:20 pm EST.

As a reminder, Events 365 provides you with access to tickets for every game of the year including Super Bowl and the International Series in London and Mexico. Beyond individual tickets, we are also proud to offer tickets for groups and exclusive VIP experiences that you simply cannot find anywhere else. This year’s Super Bowl will take place in Miami, which means it will draw tremendous crowds are ready to enjoy the game and the fabulous weather and entertainment that the seaside locale has to offer!

Curious about which games are predicted to be the most exciting of the season? Check out the NFL’s top 10 picks below so you can make sure your clients can catch the hottest games live and in person!

  1. New Orleans Saints @ Los Angeles Rams (Week 2, 9/15)
  2. Kansas City Chiefs @ New England Patriots (Week 14, 12/8)
  3. New England Patriots @ Philadelphia Eagles (Week 11, 11/17)
  4. Los Angeles Rams @ Dallas Cowboys (Week 15, 12/15)
  5. Indianapolis Colts @ New Orleans Saints (Week 15, 12/16)
  6. Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs (Week 8, 10/27)
  7. Cleveland Browns @ New England Patriots (Week 8, 10/27)
  8. Kansas City Chiefs @ Chicago Bears (Week 16, 12/22)
  9. Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints (Week 4, 9/29)
  10. Chicago Bears @ Los Angles Rams (Week 11, 11/17)


And if you want to know which game to promote by the schedule, take a look at the most highly anticipated games by week!

Week 1: Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers (Thursday, 9/5)

Week 2: New Orleans Saints @ Los Angeles Rams (Sunday, 9/15)

Week 3: Los Angeles Rams @ Cleveland Browns (Sunday, 9/22)

Week 4: Philadelphia Eagles @ Green Bay Packers (Thursday, 9/26)

Week 5: Chicago Bears @ Oakland Raiders (Sunday, 10/6) *In London

Week 6: Houston Texans @ Kansas City Chiefs (Sunday, 10/13)

Week 7: Baltimore Ravens @ Seattle Seahawks (Sunday, 10/20)

Week 8: Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs (Sunday, 10/27)

Week 9: New England Patriots @ Baltimore Ravens (Sunday, 11/3)

Week 10: New York Giants @ New York Jets (Sunday, 11/10)

Week 11: Kansas City Chiefs @ Los Angeles Chargers (Monday, 11/18) *In Mexico City

Week 12: Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans (Thursday, 11/21)

Week 13: New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons (Thursday, 11/28)

Week 14: Kansas City Chiefs @ New England Patriots (Sunday, 12/8)

Week 15: Indianapolis Colts @ New Orleans Saints (Monday, 12/16)

Week 16: Pittsburgh Steelers @ New York Jets (Sunday, 12/22)

Week 17: Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens (Sunday, 12/29)


So, if your clients hail from any of these great American cities, help them upgrade their weekends with game tickets and a checklist to help them create the most extravagant pre-game tailgate on the lot. Don’t think you have any clients who like football? Think again! An estimated 65% of US adults follow the NFL, which means that there is most certainly a football fan in your life.

In a survey conducted by Ticketmaster, it was reported that nearly 30% of NFL fans are willing to travel 100 miles to see their team on the road, while more than 20% said they would be willing to travel more than 500 miles to see their favorite team. Furthermore, with a reported 90% of fans believing that their energy influences the outcome of the game, we think it’s important for travel advisors to do their best to get diehard football fans into the games where their presence is needed the most! Take their experience to the next level with a VIP Experience or by supporting them on game-day by participating in their favorite fan ritual and sharing it on social media with a hashtag that uniquely represents you and your travel agency. If you have a client base that ranges in age, keep in mind that GEN Xers are most likely to attend a game with their spouse, whereas Millennials and Boomers are most likely to catch a game with their buddies.

With 256 games to choose from, including five international games; in London on 10/6, 10/13, 10/27 & 11/3, and in Mexico City on 11/18, you have no shortage of dates and matchups to offer your clients. So review the schedule, head to social media, makes some calls, and get your clients into the game!

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