US Open 2018: America’s Grand Slam turns 50

Posted by Vanessa Lotz | June 7, 2018 | Sports

America’s Grand Slam turns 50 this year when the courts at New York’s Billie Jean King National Tennis Center heat up from August 27 – September 9. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the US Open Tennis Tournament, the USTA is completing the final stages of a $600 million project, which will help commemorate the milestone.


Tennis fans purchasing tickets this year will notice that the US Open has revealed a brand new logo, which will launch the event into its next 50 years of success and history. “The new logo is bold and energetic and better captures and expresses the dynamism of the US Open,” said USTA Chief Marketing Officer Amy Choyne. “We have enjoyed 50 years of greatness, and our new visual identity will better carry us forward for the next 50 years.”


Once spectators arrive at Flushing Meadows, they will discover that the Louis Armstrong Stadium remodel has finally been completed, and there is a LOT to be excited for! The newly remodeled stadium, which is the second largest court of the 16, boasts a beautiful retractable roof to help tennis matches stay on schedule despite New York City’s sporadic summer weather. The seating has increased from a capacity of 10,500 to 14,000 and the overall design will greatly reduce the lines spectators once had to endure while waiting to enter the stadium. With expanded seating capacity and a covered roof, Louis Armstrong Stadium will now host both day and night games, ensuring that both players and spectators stay cool in the naturally ventilated space which can cool down within 5 minutes of the North and South vents being opened. The stadium’s remodel cost $200 million, and was master planned to still fit within the original space that was constructed for the stadium back in 1964, when it was built for the New York’s World’s Fair. In addition to the retractable roof, natural ventilation, and expanded seating capacity, the newly improved Louis Armstrong Stadium has also upgraded the restrooms and concession stands, designed to cater to modern day tennis fans.


We know we speak for both tennis players and spectators when we say that it is a huge relief to know that there are now two indoor courts to host games on for the US Open. The first retractable roof at Flushing Meadows was installed at the venue’s largest court, Arthur Ashe stadium back in 2016. None other than Rafael Nadal was the first player to officially hit a tennis ball with the retractable roof closed, which was a moment made extra special due to the fact that in 2015 one of his matches was delayed nearly 4 hours due to rain storms.


The last change that attendees of the US Open will notice this year is that most tickets will only be offered in Mobile format, meaning your smartphone will be your ticket. If you do not have a smartphone, the box office will likely make an exception to transfer your tickets to will call.


Lastly, we know that a first visit can be overwhelming, so here are a few tips to make sure you have a grand slam time:

  • View matches on the side courts, as these are smaller and allow you to view the action up close. You may not see top talent, but how often to you get to see a 120 mph serve from a few feet away?
  • Get the US Open signature drink, the Melon Ball: ice, vodka, and a skewer of honeydew melon balls.
  • If clients are staying in Manhattan, instruct them to take the LIRR to the event, as it’s much faster than going by car.
  • Pack a hat and sunscreen! Many of the seats are in direct sunlight, and no one likes to go home at the end of the day wearing a sunburn.

Get your tickets HERE, before they go on sale June 11.


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