Do you have a phone number?

Please contact us at: 972-445-9061
You can also reach us via email at

What do you mean by airbill?

Provided airbill is a shipping address that you will provide to us at a later time after you purchase tickets. Only choose this option at checkout if you are not sure where you would like the tickets to ship.

Can you generate a link for the packages as well?

Yes, you can generate a link for any event on our platform. Generate a link by searching the portal for the desired event and clicking on the “Generate Link” button. The affiliate sales link will show up on the screen- be sure to click the copy button and then paste this link in an email or one of your social media channels to share with your clients.

Where is the name of the hotel indicated in the package?

The names of the hotels will not always be listed but for the most part the hotels will be close to where the event will take place and will be categorized by a star rating. If you have any questions about a specific hotel package, please send us an email at and we will be able to provide more information.

Is there a way to buy a different number of tickets to hotel room?

Yes, you can just purchase tickets from our platform that do not indicate that they are packages.

Can clients locally purchase tickets?

Yes, for example, if your clients want to wait to purchase tickets until they arrive in New York, they can just purchase from the generated link when they are ready.

Are payment plans offered, or are payments due in full?

Payment plans are not offered. All sales must be made in full by credit card at checkout and all sales are final.

Do your commission rates differ? For example, between single tickets versus VIP packages with rooms and transfers?

Commission starts at 6.5% for all orders and does not vary based on what you purchase.

Does every agent sign in on their own account? Or does the agency have 1 account?

It is recommended that each agent gets their own login under the agency account but it is not mandatory.

How is commission paid out?

Commission is paid via ACH payment on the 15th of the following month of when the order was placed. We pay out commissions to the agency directly or the host agency if you have one.

What is the website address to sign in again?

To register for an account please head over to and click on the “Getting Started” tab. To log in to the portal: