NFL Football is BACK!

Posted by Vanessa Lotz | August 9, 2018 | Homepage - Featured, Sports

The NFL’s 2018-2019 season begins on Tuesday, September 6 and fans are gearing up to see their favorite teams hit the grass! After last year’s season wrapped with one of the most entertaining NFL Super Bowl Performances in history, we may be entering one of the most highly anticipated starts to the season yet.

Enthusiastic Eagles fans will be anxiously awaiting the first game of the season to see whether last year’s Super Bowl champs and the new team roster will have what it takes to land a spot at the Big Game yet again. On the other hand the New England Patriots will see if the mighty Belichick/Brady duo can deliver a master plan to reclaim their champion title after having won the Super Bowl in both 2015 and 2017, and suffering a devastating loss in the 2018 game against Super Bowl rookies, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Between trades and injuries, all teams have slightly different constellations this year, but commentators and fans are already speculating on season favorites, and which games have the potential to be the most entertaining.

Curious which games are predicted to be the most captivating during the 17 weeks of the regular season (i.e. which ones you need to land some sweet tickets to today)? Check out Vincent Frank’s recommendations below!


Week 1: 49ers @ Vikings

Week 2: Patriots @ Jaguars

Week 3: Chargers @ Rams

Week 4: Vikings @ Rams

Week 5: Vikings @ Eagles

Week 6: Chiefs @ Patriots

Week 7: Titans @ Chargers

Week 8: Eagles @ Jaguars

Week 9: Packers @ Patriots

Week 10: Seahawks @ Rams

Week 11: Eagles @ Saints

Week 12: Redskins @ Cowboys

Week 13: Chargers @ Steelers

Week 14: Falcons @ Packers

Week 15: Patriots @ Saints

Week 16: Steelers @ Saints

Week 17: Jaguars @ Texans


A quick scan of a report on shows us that in the 2017-2018 season shows us that the following teams had the highest attendance at home games:


  1. Dallas Cowboys
  2. Green Bay Packers
  3. NY Jets
  4. NY Giants
  5. Denver Broncos


On the road, these teams had the highest attendance:


  1. Los Angeles Chargers
  2. Seattle Seahawks
  3. New England Patriots
  4. Dallas Cowboys
  5. Minnesota Vikings


So, if you hail from any of these great American cities, we’ll bet you’ll want to score a seat at a Sunday game with an extravagant tailgate in tow, or travel to see your team face a rival on the road. With an estimated 65% of US adults following the NFL, you undoubtedly have some clients that wear their fan spirit on their sleeve beyond the season.

In an survey conducted by Ticketmaster, it was reported that nearly 30% of NFL fans are willing to travel 100 miles to see their team on the road, while more than 20% said they would be willing to travel more than 500 miles to see their favorite team. Furthermore, with a reported 90% of fans believing that their energy influences the outcome of the game, we think it’s important for travel consultants to do their best to get diehard football fans into the games where their presence is needed the most! Take their experience to the next level by supporting them on game-day by participating in their favorite fan ritual and sharing it on social media with a hashtag that uniquely represents you and your travel agency. If you have a client base that ranges in age, keep in mind that GEN Xers are most likely to attend a game with their spouse, whereas Millennials and Boomers are most likely to catch a game with their buddies.

With 256 games to choose from, including three international games (on Oct. 14, Oct. 21 and Oct. 28) in London, you have no shortage of dates and matchups to offer your clients. So review the schedule, head to social media, makes some calls, and get your clients into the game!


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