NBA Finals 2018: Warriors versus Cavs again

Posted by Vanessa Lotz | May 29, 2018 | Sports

2018 NBA Finals: Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Golden State Warriors

This year’s NBA finals are going to take us down memory lane with the Cavaliers facing the Warriors, for the fourth time in a row.

On Monday, May 28, the Golden State Warriors earned their spot in their fourth straight NBA Finals, despite the fact that all four of their star players sustained significant injuries throughout the season. The Warriors are a well-equipped team, with three of the top shot makers in the league, plus the extra star power that players Steph Curry and Kevin Durant pack while leading the charge into yet another battle against their rival. If the team can keep their cool and composure, they should see success in their fourth encounter with the Cavs in the Finals.

By pushing their way through some rather gritty games against the Celtics, the Cavs are headed to the Finals to meet the Warriors, yet again. Commanding the Cav’s team into what promises to be another fierce matchup against the Warriors is LeBron James, affectionately called King James by his loyal fans. This marks the eighth straight time that LeBron James will be taking his team to the NBA Finals. While it’s common knowledge that the athlete has already written himself into NBA history with his skill and athleticism, he did achieve a few remarkable feats this season worth noting before we watch him play his seventh NBA Finals (he has won 3 so far).

  • He has won six straight Game 7s in the Playoffs over the past ten years
  • Game 7 against Boston was his 100th consecutive game of the season
  • He has played 3,757 minutes this season, more than anyone else in the league


This will be first time that the same two teams in any of North America’s four major professional sports leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL) have met for the championship four consecutive times. If that fact alone doesn’t give you motivation to find out which of your clients are itching to get into the game, remember that 2 courtside tickets sold for last year’s game 5 at a whopping $133,000. We think that’s 133 good reasons to spread the word now!


Since the Warriors and Cavaliers have some NBA Finals history, let’s take a look back at how the teams fared in the last three years.


2017 Finals

Golden State Warriors defeated Cleveland Cavaliers 4 games to 1

  • Golden State made history by being the first team in NBA history to start 12-0, while the Cav’s trailed just behind with a 12-1 record.


2016 Finals

Cavaliers defeated the Warriors 4 games to 3

  • The 14th time in NBA Finals history when the number 1 seed in each conference met.
  • The first time since 1964 that Cleveland won a major sports championship, and the first for the Cavaliers franchise.


2015 Finals

Warriors defeated the Cavaliers 4 games to 2

  • The first team since the 1990-1991 Chicago Bulls to win a championship without any prior Finals experience from any player on their roster.
  • This was the first time since 1975 that the Warriors won the title of NBA champs.


Curious to see how the players on both teams stack up against one another? Then click HERE to read a ranking of the players.




Thursday, May 31

Game 1: Cavaliers @ Warriors, 9pm EST

Sunday, June 3

Game 2: Cavaliers @ Warriors, 8pm EST

Wednesday, June 6

Game 3: Warriors @ Cavaliers, 9pm EST

Friday, June 8

Game 4: Warriors @ Cavaliers, 9pm EST

Monday, June 11

Game 5: Cavaliers @ Warriors, 9pm EST

Thursday, June 14

Game 6: Warriors @ Cavaliers, 9pm EST

Sunday, June 17

Game 7: Cavaliers @ Warriors, 8pm EST

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